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Nutrition Facts About Root Beer you Should Know

A root beer is a refreshing way of quenching your thirst, or it may be used to make a tasty root beer float. Regular consumption of root beer may impact your health negatively. Taking root beer regularly can lead to obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes and kidney problems. Knowing more about the nutrition of root beer can help you make healthy beverage choices.


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Generally, you will gain weight if you take more calories than you burn. This is a problem with most drinks and may lead to unhealthy weight gain. A can of root beer has 160 calories, therefore, drinking ten cans will cause you to take 160 calories. This occasionally will not harm your diet. However drinking much root beer every day can cause weight gain, especially if you drink more than one serving daily.


The other concern with drinking soda is that it contains a lot of varieties of caffeine. Taking too much caffeine can cause fast heartbeat, restlessness, and irritability. If caffeine intake is your concern or you want to cut back, root beer can be a better choice of beverage than traditional colas. This is because they contain very little caffeine. A 20-oz serving has 37 milligrams of caffeine while 12-oz serving has 15.


people enjoying root beerYou also need not worry about how much sugar you will consume when drinking root beer regularly. Eating or drinking beverages which contain added sugar can have an adverse effect on your health. Consuming added sugar can increase the risk of weight gain and tooth decay. Root beer contains less sugar, for instance, a 12-oz serving contains 45 grams whereas a 20-oz contains 75 grams.


Root beer is known to be low-sodium food. If you are trying to cut on your sodium intake, or you are on a low-sodium diet, then you have to pay attention to the sodium content in the root beer. A 2-oz serving contains 125 milligrams of sodium while a 12-oz serving contains 70 milligrams. Choose a serving that will much your intended sodium intake.

These are some of the nutritional information of root beers that you need to know to help you choose the best beverage for you. However, you have to take note that regular consumption can be harmful to your health.