RV trip with loved one

Things to Consider for an RV Trip

Traveling together is one of the most expeditious ways to find out how much you love someone (or maybe not). Adventures can bring out the best and also the worst in someone. You will probably see, hear, and smell a lot during your trip. Before you start looking for a travel companion, think about some of the following points.

RV Cleanliness

RV tripSmoothest RV Ride is only possible if you take care of its interior cleanliness. For campers, personal hygiene, burning daylight, and neatness can be luxurious. In this case, making your RV trip convenient is the least you can do for an enjoyable trip. Organizing shared and individual items, such as food, root beer, bathroom tools, and others, can also be risky areas for this matter.

Besides, organization and cleanliness become matters in choosing a partner. If you’re on the messy side, you might choose someone who has minimal organization skills. Long road trips mean you’ll have to fix the occasional RV problem. If your RV tires get flat, you’ll need someone who knows the tire iron and what it looks like, at the least.

Friend Companions

Don’t jump right into an RV with a friend who makes you feel bad every time they get behind the wheel. You’ll both want to be aware of each other’s abilities and driving choices. Lazy passengers can make you feel resentful, and that’s a feeling you don’t want to have when sharing a limited space.

Sense of Direction

When going on an RV trip, a sense of direction is crucial. Someone has to know about folding map reading skills. Another thing to note is that anyone should be a man enough to ask for a direction when you get lost (which you will, many times). You and your navigator should have good communication skills to minimize disagreements.

Mechanical Skills

An RV trip is inevitable to skunks or bumps in the road. There might also be an issue in the RV parks that you have to resolve. In this case, it is excellent to know some basics repairs and maintenance regarding your RV. More importantly, someone should know about your amenities, such as the sewer system and the sink. These are problems you should have prepared in advance on how to solve them.


Not everyone will make great companions, even if you love them a lot. If you’re looking for experience, find a kindred spirit. If you’re interested in keeping up with the times and taking tests, find someone who can handle it. Opposing personalities can sometimes be beneficial too. Want a crazy experience but afraid to talk to strangers? Bring your extrovert friend along. He’ll help you show your adventurous side and help you find fun off the map.

No matter how much you think about your choice of partner, you’ll never understand what will happen when you hit the road. It can be a blast or a total misery. After all, that’s part of the thrill.